Thursday, February 16, 2012

Diet of Rebirth!!!

Well, as I had mentioned my last post, I was planning on visiting my cousin Teresa and her family, "The Family of Many Colors." Or DeColores!!!!!! Which means, "Look at all the pretty colors!" My Cursillo buddies know what I'm talking about!!

Anyway, just walking in the door I became completely intoxicated by their very presence! Of course I have met all my little cousins, but I never spent any time with all of them, and I admit I still haven't figured out everyone's names! It was almost like walking into the Jim Bob Duggar House "19 Kids and Counting " minus 13 kids! It just felt warm and fun! All the kids were doing the 21 questions, "You're here to see how we eat? Are you going to eat our food? Are you going to go on our diet? Our food is the best!" Needless to say, both my kids were completely overwhelmed but very excited!

Though overwhelmed by all the things going on around us, Teresa progressed to show me a few things.. Immediately I thought, this is soooooo not the diet I thought I would be experiencing today!! Fermented cabbage, raw cows milk that had been sitting on the counter for a couple days, a big bucket full of what looked like pig lard (coconut oil)!! Really?!?!?! I kinda felt like I stepped back in time a few centuries!! And their cupboards were nearly empty!! EMPTY!! Nothing like I had ever seen before! I immediately sensed this feeling of freedom and simplicity. Just a breath of fresh air! Of course this isn't all they eat! We had chicken, fresh salad, and brussel sprouts. Ever seen kids fight over brussel sprouts?!?! Anyway, I'm sure you have sat there looking in your cupboards loaded with lots of food and didn't have a clue what to eat! Doesn't make much sense, but I do it all the time! But in this house, your mind is just "aaaahhhhhh."

Teresa was loading me with information and I was scrambling for something to write on, but as we continued through the day everything just started to click. This wasn't just a STRICT diet, this was a REBIRTH. Every single thing they were doing was serving a purpose. To create healthier bodies and to heal their bodies. This wasn't just an eat healthy diet, this was a MASSIVE OVERHAUL!!! I just recently had a massive overhaul done on my mouth, and the feeling of having a cavity free mouth was amazing. So, to have a brand new body, you can imagine my excitement!!

So I came to learn that the fermented cabbage and raw cows milk is to introduce natural probiotics into your body, the coconut oil is used in everything you eat as a fat, since our diets are naturally low in fat and we need lots of fat for several reasons. The fat and probiotics both help our bodies to digest food properly and beneficially. Without them we aren't able to absorb all the beneficial vitamins in our foods. In a way, healthy isn't that healthy without these essential foods. And for those people who are wanting to lose weight, you need fat to burn fat!! Not to mention over 80% of our brain is made up of fat and is essential for healthy brain development.

I have also come to learn several things through Teresa and my own studies.. Yes, I have an allergy to MSG, but here is why.. And this is my conclusion for most people who suffer through this same allergy..... Leaky Gut Syndrome (list of symptoms). If not for this condition I wouldn't have an issue with eating the wrong things, that is what our digestive system is for, right? Yes, the problem is the wear and tear of our system by not eating foods fit for our digestive system. So eventually instead of your body dumping toxins, like MSG, it seeps through the gut and into our blood streams, poisoning our bodies, causing symptoms such as mine.. Most people know that MSG is poisoning their bodies if they have an issue with it, but they may not understand how. And they end up racking their brains trying to figure out what they ate wrong, because their bodies have become so overexposed to processed free glutamate that they can't even eat cooked veggies that have natural glutamate in them. Food or chemical allergies are usually due to over exposure, there is no wonder so many people develop allergies to eggs, dairy, and gluten. In fact the GAPS diet first developed through treating Celiac Disease.Yeah, I bet you didn't know their is a cure for that!! Our bodies weren't meant to eat the way we eat! Get rid of the chemicals and we have it made! We don't even have the bodies to digest bread the way we eat it! Most foods are processed in the fasted way possible which leaves our bodies doing all the work to digest them! All the grains in breads should be soaked or fermented, broken down naturally so our bodies can digest them easier. So there is hope for those who miss bread and eggs in the morning! Or a big glass of milk with you big juicy steak!

We just beat our poor bodies up to the point of them beating us up! We need to treat our bodies better, so they treat us better and quit giving us horrible migraines. I plan on going into more detail about all this in the future, because there is a lot more interesting things to talk about!

So yes, all this excitement but my husband isn't too thrilled about it?!?! This should be interesting! But I have decided to hold off on the diet until things get settled with my hubby's dad who was just diagnosed with stage 3-4 Esophageal Cancer. This GAPS diet is a lifestyle change, and we already seem to be in the midst of one. Please keep my Father in-law in prayer!

Grace, Peace, and Health in Christ!


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  1. Thanks for posting your experiences. My wife and I both have FCS/FMS/MCS and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome. I have secondary Polycythemia (secondary only because I don't fit the other kind,,,secondary to WHAT). She has has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (and was allergic to everything as a kid - and I do mean EVERYTHING). We went all organic in 97, no nasties in the house and now live in rural Australia.

    I do believe this (and many other diseases of our era) are the result of the poisoning of the plant via irresponsible corporate chemistry. Most people eat bad over processed and highly artificial & poisoned commercial foods. Our homes (and everywhere else too) are filled with poisonous products. we also have the destruction of the healthy gut flora vai the large number of antimicrobials used in agriculture (glyphopate, "2-4,d") and of course Triclosan in EVERYTHING, and emulsifiers like polysorbate-80. This flattens the villi & microvilli, kills friendly gut flora, causes leaky gut, and ravages the lymphatic system.

    I would like at some point to have proper genetic testing done on the entire family

    As for the gut, aside from not continuing to harm it, and L-glutamine to repair it, and fermeneted foods if you can - we have found that there are now SOIL based probiotics (prescriptAssist). We got our original flora from our moms and the things we stuck in our mouths as kids. Milk probiotics do not last. The soil based ones seem to help us more.

    We all do what we can to deal with this. I STRONGLY SUSPECT "MSAD" in mu wife; probable in me.

    Dr Pall's MO/NOOH protocol has been helpful in dealing with many aspects of the FMC/CFS.