Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Body Odor You Can Be Proud Of!!!

HAHA I know it sounds horrible, but if you are attempting a detox and you have massive BO, like you've never had before..... YOU KNOW your doing something right!! 

We HAVE NOT started the GAPS diet, but we are integrating a lot of GAPS things into our diet already. Things like, lots of well cooked meats, veggies, nuts, seeds, and a little fruit, dairy and eggs. Basically we are on the Full Gaps Diet right now except we haven't introduced any fermented foods such as Raw Sourkraut or Kefir since they seem to cause a lot of pathogenic bacteria die-off, releasing toxins and I already feel like I'm experiencing a healthy amount of die-off anyway!

Just to give you a little update on our conditions since we have made some diet changes..

RJ is doing well, he is eating incredible! A great idea to get him use to these foods slowly. We had a stew for dinner and he didn't even weed through the vegetables, he ate them all. He has grown a fondness for Brussel sprouts and asparagus. He isn't constantly saying he's hungry anymore. It seems as though his sugar cravings are pretty low these days! YAY!! His overall attitude is still hit and miss sometimes, but I do see a lot of changes. Not so many tantrums and cleans his room with incredible focus, before we would have to literally sit there making sure he didn't get distracted. So for several days now he has cleaned his room with us only having to ask once!

Venita has done amazing today. I am just elated!! She has been suffering from such horrible gas the past month and a half I was worried if we hadn't gotten her issue resolved, nursing was gonna go down the drain. So I got rid of dairy, most eggs, and of course wheat... Not sure if all of them are the problem or only one of them, but I'm positive diary is the biggest culprit.. After some research I learned that a lot of babies have a protein sensitivity which will usually be outgrown within a year. So it explains why she would be sensitive to all three foods. But I have been able to eat egg yolks since the protein lies within the whites.

Me, I'm feeling GREAT! Not perfect but wow! More energy, better mood! The body odor is quite annoying, but I get a chuckle out of smelling myself getting stinkier and stinkier every day! I like it, for only one reason.. And that is the fact that I'm making progress, and because I'm getting stinky on the outside, it means I'm getting clean on the inside. Makes you think differently about stinky people, huh!! I had a little road bump a couple days ago when I ate something wrong at my brother-in-law's house. Don't know what it was, still haven't figured it out, but within 30 minutes after eating, I knew I ate a no-no.... Which made me feel bad because my sister-in-law tried so hard to accommodate our diet.. I ate nothing abnormal from my diet I'm just wondering if it was a brand of something she used.. So yesterday was a BAD day, throwing up all morning, but my sweet husband took a long lunch so I could take a salt bath which helped a lot. And I bounced back much quicker than I normally do. Other symptoms of die-off I have had are; itchy skin and random irritability.

Hubby, seems to be enjoying the food, but really hates the fact that he's always hungry. I think if he went off all refined sugars it would help. He is trying to go off of pop, and thats pretty hard for him.. He lacks energy and unlike myself is hooked on Caffeine so that makes it harder throughout the day. So he is trying to remember to make coffee in the morning. Hopefully that will help him function better! One step at a time! He does say he has noticed a big change just going off of MSG. He says his brain is functioning better, not so cloudy.

So far the diet has been fun but time consuming. It takes a lot of self control, especially if you don't view yourself as a GAPSter quite yet!! And to be honest I'm NOT looking forward to intro, even though I will do Full Gaps Intro because I'm nursing; I really don't know how much bone broth, with meat and veggies I can handle!! But I'm hoping that with integrating a lot of it into our diets now, we will go through intro quicker. I HOPE!! And today I made the yummiest pecan cupcakes!!

Just grind 2 cups of raw pecan halves, and blend with 3 egg yolks, 1/3 cup coconut oil, coconut sugar to taste or real organic maple syrup. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Smother with salt free butter. And I didn't follow the rule, but though pecans don't sprout like a lot of other nuts, it is good to soak them overnight to make it easier to digest. So whether or not you want to dehydrate them after and then grind dry or just grind soaked, it really shouldn't matter!! But if you do end up grinding dry, might want to add another egg or more coconut oil, to get a softer consistency. It should make 6 to 8 cupcakes. YUMMY, YUMMY!!

Grace, Peace, and Health in Christ!



  1. Just came across this post and it was very helpful to me. My 4-year-old is on GAPS right now and it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for us. Fortunately I think all of the symptoms she is exhibiting are good signs of detox. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback. We are actually starting GAPS intro today! God help us! I am anticipating the die off, hoping it isn't too bad. I know die off can be scary for people, so understanding it's purpose is always helpful! I'm actually blogging about our experience at Stay in touch, let me know how its going for you, since we have kids the same age! :)