Thursday, February 2, 2012

Migraines Migraines Go Away!

Well I studied all I could about MSG and everything that contains hidden MSG. I went shopping ASAP because I kept getting headaches. I thought that I would just use up all my food and slowly convert over to MSG FREE everything. But it didn't work that way! My symptoms seemed to be worsening! So I went and got what groceries we could afford! Extremely shocked at the cost of organic foods, ugh... And couldn't find a thing that was MSG FREE. They kept saying that I won't find anything with MSG at the health food store, and I guess they are just as ignorant about hidden MSG as I was!! I quickly came to the realization that pretty much every single thing I cook is going to be from the bottom up. Nothing boxed or canned. But I got some Wheat Montana Bread since I have noticed a lot of people with MSG sensitivity can usually eat that brand..

So a couple days into eating healthy with lots of help and support from my wonderful mom, I kept reacting after every meal. (My reaction consists of a migraine onset, extreme tension in my back and neck, with mild pain behind my eye. A full blown migraine is severe back, neck, head, and eye pain to the point of vomiting). So it seemed everything was bothering me and I couldn't figure out what I was eating that would cause it. But with time I quit reacting to the food, so it seems my body finally got rid of a lot of the build up of MSG. Since my diet has changed and I have been paying more attention, I have noticed that I might have a little sensitivity to milk.. I have noticed it before but never quite connected it to a food, but I tried it again and same stomach upset. So that stinks, I love milk!

I am truly enjoying experimenting with different seasonings! No more Seasoning Salt, no more Mrs. Dash. I love making meals for my family knowing they are extremely healthy. I plan on spending a day in the lives of "The family of many colors;" as my mom likes to call them! My cousin Teresa and her husband Van have adopted 7 children of many different nationalities, such a vibrant family! Anyway, they are all on this extremely strict diet called GAPS, and thought I could learn a few ideas from her. Looking forward to it! Will update on how our little visit goes!

Grace, Peace, and Health in Christ!



  1. I find some migraines are triggered by;
    peanuts, raisins, figs or other dried fruits with sulfites, anchovies [some things they are in are surprising] cheese [my favorite] processed meats like bologna and salami and pepperoni [oh no, no pizza]

    I would write down what I ate and see how I felt later or the next day.

    1. Thank you for your comment Ginny. I have wondered if I have a sulfite sensitivity. But it seems all my sensitivity is processed foods in general, TOXIC FOOD!!! And good news since I started the GAPS diet I haven't had any migraines!! YAY!!