Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why God Why!!!

I would first like to start with informing my readers of how VERY lazy I am when it comes to food. How incredibly unhealthy I am when it comes to my eating habits. No one in my household is overweight or anything, though my husband and I do share chubby bellies! I know I'm very unhealthy, I can feel it within me, and I've known it for quite some time. I never wanted to be a label reader and honestly thought label readers where kind of annoying! Reading labels never became a thought in my mind until I got pregnant with my first child, RJ. My first trimester was HELL!! Migraine and vomiting everyday. A migraine was nothing new to me, I have been dealing with debilitating migraines since I was about 13. On average once every week to two weeks. But it was pregnancy that gave me my first bit of knowledge about that nasty word Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). I read that pregnant woman shouldn't go to Chinese Restaurants because of their heavy use of MSG. Women while pregnant can become extra sensitive to MSG often causing migraines. But then I learned it is also used heavily in a lot of our everyday food! So what did I do? I quit eating anything that had MSG on their label, it helped a little, but I continued to get migraines. So I concluded that it wasn't just MSG causing my migraines, maybe it was hormones too.

After pregnancy I continued to watch my MSG intake because I noticed some foods were obviously higher in MSG and would cause migraines. But they did become fewer than before, usually no more than one migraine a month. Then came a long baby number two, Venita! First trimester; horrendous migraines with vomiting every day. So my hubby got pretty scared because he actually got to see how bad I was this time. With my first pregnancy he was working out of town and didn't get to see how sick I was. So he did some research and found that MSG was in a lot more things than we thought; specifically "Natural Flavoring." So I cut out everything with natural flavoring and MSG, but it didn't help..

So fast forward to today, my daughter is now 3 1/2 months old, and what have I learned... Shocking, shocking, shocking!! Every single thing I eat has MSG hidden in it! (Click for list of ingredients with hidden MSG) And though I thought I was cutting all MSG out of my diet during pregnancy, I really wasn't.. GGGRRRRRR Yes MSG is hidden in almost every single thing we ingest, even our vitamins..... I also learned that MSG FREE is not always MSG FREE!! It usually means they didn't use MSG, but the ingredients they used may have already contain MSG. My last migraine was due to over eating something that said, "No added MSG." Well I assumed there was no problem.. My last migraine was 4 days ago, and after that day of horror in which I couldn't even take care of my own children, I knew something needed to be done, especially since it seems I'm becoming even more sensitive to MSG. So in a matter of 4 days of extensive research I realized I have been poisoning myself and my entire family. MSG is toxic and destroys brain cells and has been linked to many different disorders as well as cancer. I also made a link to my depression, anxiety, anger outbursts, fatigue, word recall problems, brain fog, peeling skin, tired and irritated eyes, dark circles. As well as my son's hyperactivity, irritability after meals, and dark circles. AND maybe my husbands own anxiety, forgetfulness, and restless leg syndrome? (Click for a list of symptoms)

I am 100% positive that MSG causes my Migraines, but could MSG be linked to me and my families other symptoms?  Well we will soon find out!! I have decided to cut MSG out of our diet as best as I possibly can. My husband is supportive but skeptical and definitely thinks I'm being a little radical, especially starting a blog about it! Ha, why not!! But I have learned that almost everyone is skeptical at first, just as I was about label readers (my apologies)!!! And if my life and my experience can help someone, or prove a skeptical wrong. I want it documented!!

Now I truly feel the Lord has been preparing me for this day. Through failed attempts with antidepressants, I had something quite interesting AND extremely scary happen to me. While on Zoloft I was prescribed Demerol for my wisdom tooth removal.. Come to find out it was basically causing me to overdose on Serotonin (Serotonin Syndrome); but thank God, not to the point of Cardiac Arrest. I felt AMAZING and I thought, "DUDE Zoloft rocks!!" But no, so far it doesn't!! I found out quickly I could have killed myself because a doctor didn't take a look at my drug chart before prescribing me Demerol.. But yeah, what does this have to do with the Lord preparing me for this day? Because for the first time I experienced fun, joy, and ENERGY!!!! Yes energy.. If not for that experience, I wouldn't have the drive to feel good again. To understand why I need the drive!?! I'm addicted Hazelnut Creamer, and I'm addicted to Pop/Coke and anything and everything unhealthy!! I will have to give them all up.... And, just recently a loved one was diagnosed with Cancer, and the reality of the threat to my families lives finally hit me. I would compare all this to my conversion to the Lord. Just as Paul the Apostle's experience. When the scales fall from your eyes and you finally see the truth, the reality.. And NOW there's no turning back, because I know the truth and I know it will set me free!!!! Free from my daily pain and fatigue, free from my migraines and depression. I AM SOOOOO READY TO FEEL GOOD!!

Yes, I'm excited for what the future holds, but I am sure it's not going to be easy. From what I have studied, it is different for every person. I know, not one person is the same. It will most likely be a lot of trial and error. And I will document my trials and errors!! If your with me on this journey, pray for me. I will be praying for you too!

The Lord did not intend for us to suffer like this. And I know, giving our bodies to the Lord is just another step, in our walk with the Lord. He will not steer us wrong!

Grace, Peace, and Health in Christ!


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