Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finally Loving Yourself!!

So I never really had my home together to begin with. I'm not a hoarder or anything, but I do have a "HOT SPOT" or two!! So since we began eating better, I feel like, all I do is cook.. Speaking of that, better get something out for dinner.. Anyway, I am enjoying cooking, but it gets so time consuming that my house has fallen even farther apart! And I gradually start losing my mind... But I went to visit my friend Dayna who has two kids as well, stays at home and does online courses. I walked into her house and her living room was a disaster, toys everywhere! I always appreciate when I'm not the only one with a mess!! But then I get to the kitchen and it is spotless, not a blemish! The sink was spotless and shiny, she had some hamburger defrosting on the counter, all was well! Well....... she began telling me about this site And how amazing it was and how much stress it had relieved and she just raved on and on about it. Immediately I knew that it was an answer to prayer!

So what is this flylady site? Well first of all FLY stands for "Finally Loving Yourself." Flylady is basically an on online coach, to reclaim your life, family, and home all based around the simplicity of a shiny sink which will spread to every part of your home!! When you feel like everything is out of control and you can't even think straight or know where to begin to reclaiming your sanity, this is the place to go! I am a day 12 FLYbaby and can't even tell you how much better I feel about myself. The first thing they help you to realize is that you aren't lousy or lazy, your a perfectionist.. While you can't do anything halfway, you end up doing nothing at all, and it keeps building and building up around you until you start to lose your sanity. Well, I'm starting to feel more and more in control every day.

So just to give you an idea of how it all works. You have daily missions, weekly zones, and monthly challenges. And you have to take baby steps to help you develop good habits. Slowly decluttering your house and developing good cleaning habits. If you are a perfectionist, you won't be very successful with this program if you don't let go of some of your tendencies.. You will get overwhelmed and doubtful of this program. So make sure you just disregard all the emails you receive until you finish your 31 Beginner Baby Steps with your first step being, shining your kitchen sink!! The emails are great for inspiration, so don't hide from them. And they also inform you of the Zones we are in for the week, just don't worry about doing what the emails tell you to until your finished with your Baby Steps. You may get sidetracked and overwhelmed! You work on different zones per week which is why my friends kitchen was spotless and her living room covered in toys! It helps you feel like your making progress and less overwhelmed and thats why your first priority is having a shiny sink!

Day 12 I noticed something interesting. I always put off dishes, ALWAYS!! Hate doing dishes. But I noticed that now that I am doing dishes more often, I have become way more efficient and I do things without even realizing it!

Husband and family? Well you may get really annoyed by them continuing to be messy, but informing your husband and family about your new endeavor is the first best step. There is lots of advice for that situation as well as "Kids Missions!" But one thing to keep in mind, as the house becomes immaculate, you will be creating in your family good habits. When they see something out of place, it will bug them and they will put it where it's suppose to go.. So don't worry about all your efforts going down the drain. They will effect your whole family in a positive way!

So, want to feel better about yourself, or learn some incredible cleaning techniques. Don't wait, go do those dishes and make your sink sparkle.

Grace, Peace, and Health in Christ!!


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