Monday, March 12, 2012

Recipe: PHAT Cup of Joe (GAPS friendly)

This is a recipe I have developed through several other recipes I have come across. It is for that GAPSter that gave up their coffee with hazelnut creamer, white chocolate macadamia nut breve's, or gas station mocha cappuccino's.. Yeah that would be me! Give yourself a big pat on the back, for giving up those delicious, addictious, infatuatious treats!! I know those aren't really words. This recipe is PHAT (pretty hot and tempting) and FAT! We all know how hard it is to get all those healthy fats into our diets. This is an awesome way! Delicious way!!

Any man or woman who goes on the GAPS diet is a hero, in my mind. I know I couldn't do it without a God given conviction.. So this is my gift to you! Don't abuse it, it is something VERY easily abused!!

Jeannie's PHAT Cup of Joe

1 1/3 Cup Organic Coffee (not too strong)
2 tbs Butter (salt free)
1 tbs Coconut Oil
1-2 tsp Cocoa
1-2 tbs Honey
Dash of Vanilla Extract
Dash of Cinnamon
1 egg or egg yolk (I have to use egg yolk, but better to use a whole egg for the protein.)

Blend Baby Blend!!
Blend until frothy, don't over blend, you don't want the whole thing to be frothy!

If you aren't a coffee drinker replace coffee with water or your choice of tea. It will still taste amazing!
And you will notice the fats will separate while your drinking it, so I keep my spoon handy throughout my consumption! :)

Bon Appetit!

Grace, Peace, and Health in Christ!



  1. Ok, you are officially just TOO creative! It never crossed my mind to create a GAPS-friendly frou-frou drink! This does look super yummy though. I'll have to try this recipe as well. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Getting rid of those frou-frou drinks is the hardest part of the GAPS diet for me!! This has kept me sane through this journey!! :)